How to Double Your Kindle Revenues for FREE Without Writing Another Word

Today I am going to reveal to you the biggest secret in the self-publishing industry. This is a secret that can more than DOUBLE your sales and revenues from your Kindle eBooks without having to write another word!​​​​​​​ Image How on earth can something like this be real?  Well, IT IS… And you can do it without even leaving the safety and comfort of your little Amazon controlled world! This is the easiest and fastest way to double your revenues without spending another penny! The secret: PUBLISH A PAPERBACK VERSION USING CREATESPACE! Image Createspace is a print-on-demand publishing company owned by Amazon.  As Kindle sellers, our biggest goal and priority should be to keep Amazon happy. After all, a happy Amazon is a good Amazon, right?​​​​​​​ Image So what’s the best way to keep Amazon happy?  Use Amazon! There are other publishing platforms out there, but the simplicity and ease of use of Createspace is ridiculous.  And since Amazon owns them, their platforms are perfectly in sync. If you use a different company (like IngramSpark, for example) it can take WEEKS or MONTHS for your books to show up on Amazon’s platform, and if you ever want to make a change to your price or fix a grammatical error in your book, that will take the same length of time AND cost you more money… Createspace isn’t like that, it’s 100% FREE to publish your book and you can easily make changes to your book anytime and it’s only a matter of HOURS, not weeks, until those changes go live on Amazon. Publishing on Createspace is almost as easy as publishing on Kindle, believe it or not.  And, since this is a paperback version, you can charge 4 or 5 times more than you can for your Kindle, resulting in higher royalties. Check this out, I published my eBook, “The Mediterranean Diet: A Complete Guide” back in November (If you’re interested in the Mediterranean Diet and living healthier make sure to check it out HERE). Image I used a ton of promotion tactics and got some fantastic eBook sales in the first month, $1,087.43 in 8 days to be exact (not too shabby for an eBook that I paid a ghostwriter $100 to write for me…). Well I wasn’t quite satisfied with that, so I decided to create a paperback version the next month to maximize sales (even though our world is getting more digitized all the time, a lot of people still love having a physical book in their hands, give those people what they want!). My eBook sales dropped off after my promotions to about $300/month.  Then I published the paperback version using Createspace and decided to let nature take its course. This was my very first time using Createspace and I thought the Createspace and KDP dashboards were connected so I was only checking my KDP sales dashboard since they have a paperback sales metric. I didn’t see a single paperback sale for 27 days in my KDP account! ​​​This is what the KDP Dashboard looked like when filtered to Paperbacks sold… Image Flat lined!  I couldn’t believe it, all that work and no one cared! I was about to give up on it and then I remembered that I published it through Createspace and, even though Createspace is Amazon owned, maybe they had their own sales dashboard. I logged in to my Createspace account not expecting anything and what I saw blew me away! Image I had sold 99 copies of the book that month! Better yet, my paperback royalties of $364.22 USD (plus 21.33 euros) were more than my Kindle royalties for the same period! I had more than doubled my sales for FREE! IT WORKED and IT DIDN’T COST ME A PENNY to create the paperback version!! The best part, this works for EVERY SINGLE BOOK you will EVER publish!  If you aren’t selling paperback versions you are missing out on more than 50% of your income.

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