How to Make Your Book Perma-Free on Amazon Kindle

This blog post is going to reveal to you the exact steps I took to make one of my books permanently free (perma-free) on Amazon Kindle.

What, what!? Why on earth would you give away something for free that could make you money?

Because it can actually make you way more money giving it away for free, especially if you plan on publishing a series, publishing many other books, creating courses, etc.

Now I will say, if you spent 10 years working on your masterpiece novel and it’s the only thing you’re ever going to publish, this probably isn’t for you…

So what are some reasons to make your book perma-free? Let’s cover some:

1. It can provide much more exposure to your other books

2. It can be used to build a mailing list (to learn how to build a mailing list using your book, make sure to check out my free report by opting-in)

3. It can get your name out there

4. It can drive free traffic (and lots of it) to your website or paid offer

Those are just a few… We can cover some of those aspects in another post.

So let’s get into the details…

You can’t set your price to free on Amazon from your KDP dashboard, so you have to publish your eBook somewhere else like Smashwords, Kobo, etc., set the price to free, and then ask Amazon to price match.

Based on some searches I did when I wanted to set mine to perma-free, I found that if I set the price to free on Smashwords that Amazon will price match. So I went to Smashwords and set the price of my book to free.

Then, I reached out to Amazon via Author Central Contact Page and said “Hi – My book The Mediterranean Diet: A Complete Guide is now FREE on other platforms and I am wanting Amazon to price match so that my book is permanently free. Can you help? Here’s a link to my book free on smashwords:

Well apparently the person providing the advice on how to set your book to perma-free on Amazon didn’t know what they were talking about…

In fact, here’s the email I got from Amazon…

“Smashwords is not an Amazon competitor… we may match prices elsewhere online with some competitors like Kobo, iTunes, Googleplay…”

And Mr. Sam S. also provided a little extra nugget of information that you don’t actually have to reach out to Amazon via the Author contact page, you can simply go to your book’s Amazon page and tell Amazon about a lower price!

So based on this new found information, I published my book on Kobo and set the price to free.

Then, once it was published and free, I went to my Amazon book page.

And, per Sam S’s direction, clicked on “tell us about a lower price?”

When you click on it, this screen will come up…

Just simply populate the info and include the link to your Kobo, iTunes, or Googleplay free book, and hit submit feedback.

I submitted the feedback late in the afternoon on June 21st, and when I woke up on June 22nd I had the above email in my inbox.

I had done it!

It was official! My book was now perma-free on Amazon and I wasn’t going to make any money on something I worked hard on, Woohoo!

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