I’m a 30 year old entrepreneur originally from Forth Worth, TX,  and I currently travel around the USA with my beautiful wife, Brittany, and our 9 year old Golden Retriever, Tucker. We live the “laptop lifestyle” and couldn’t be happier. Our “home” is a beach front condo in Corpus Christi, TX that we rent out 11 months of the year as a vacation rental while we travel around. Not too long ago, I was at a normal desk job with one of the big 5 consulting firms and was pretty bored with my life.  I was nothing more than an Excel monkey! I made decent money but I felt like I was wasting my life…  I would read about people making money online and having multiple streams of passive income, but thought I could never be one of those people. Well fortunately for me, I WAS WRONG!” I started buying course after course, staying up all night reading articles, trying to learn everything I could about how to make money on the side.  Finally, some of the effort started to pay off and here I am! I am now one of those “weird” people who doesn’t have a “real” job! It truly is as good as you can imagine.  No more commuting, no more coworkers, no more asking permission from your boss to take a few days off, no more 9-5, I can do anything I want whenever I want! I now benefit from multiple streams of passive income including through self-publishing, selling physical products on Amazon, rental property income, membership sites, etc. I plan on doing a ton of case studies about my experiences with each of those and I hope you can learn something and soon be on your own path to freedom!
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